Hunter Estess – How to Profit from Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing

Over the last several years, property flipping has increased in popularity across the United States. However, the strategy of buying a property and holding it is just as an effective way to make money in real estate investing. Hunter Estess, a successful real estate investor in Louisiana, has steadily increased his wealth with this strategy. Here are four steps to follow to help you build your wealth through buy and hold real estate investing.

Hunter Estess

1. Find the right property and the right price and with the right terms. In order to see how long, it will take for your investment to double, follow the “Rule of 72.” To apply the rule, take the rate of return on your investment and divide it by 72. This is a simple way to evaluate return without complex math formulas.

2. To make sure the numbers and the terms make sense, be sure to analyze the property. Take the time to evaluate the holding costs, the current rental market, as well as what it will take for repairs.

3. Buy property that is on the market for less than fair market value. Try to find a property that is at least ten percent of the current market value. Also take into consideration the average rate of appreciation in the area and which neighborhoods generate the best returns.

4. You must carefully screen your tenants. In order to ensure you have the right tenants in place, you need to tailor your marketing strategy to coincide with your target market.

There is no magic bullet when it comes to investing in real estate. You need to know the models for investing and applying them repeatedly as you purchase more property. Hunter Estess, the owner of Dash Development and Holdings, has been successfully investing in real estate in the South Gulf area for more than ten years.


Hunter Estess – Four Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Buying real estate is no longer just about finding a place to call home. For more than ten years, Hunter Estess has been using real estate as an investment opportunity, using it to create enough passive income to achieve financial independence. Although the real estate market has an abundance of opportunities for anyone to make large gains, buying and owning real estate is more complicated than investing in stocks and bonds. Here are four ways you can invest in real estate.

Hunter Estess

1. Rental properties are the most basic way to invest in real estate. When you purchase a piece of property and rent it out to a tenant, you become the landlord, responsible for paying the mortgage, taxes, and cost of maintaining the property.

2. Real estate investment groups work like small mutual funds for rental properties. A company will buy or build a set of apartment buildings and then allow others to buy them through the company.

3. Real estate traders buy properties with the sole purpose of holding them for a short amount of time, usually no more than four months, in the hope of selling them for a profit.

4. A real estate investment trust is created when investors’ money is used by a corporation to purchase and operate income properties. They are bought and sold like other stocks on major exchanges.

These are only a few of the ways you can invest in real estate. There is a lot of potential with real estate, but you have to remember that it is an assured gain. As with any investment you have to make careful choices and consider the costs and benefits before diving in. After years of investing, Hunter Estess has learned how to identify the best opportunities for investing.