Hunter Estess: Raising Capital

Hunter Estess works in the field or real estate investment, primarily as the Managing Principal of Dash Development and Holdings, a real estate investment firm based in Louisiana.

As Hunter Estess knows, the process of raising capital is absolutely crucial to the success of a large, multi-million-dollar multifamily real estate investment. Without the ability to attract and retain investors, an investment opportunity can quickly slip into obscurity, making it impossible to take advantage of a property’s profit potential.

Raising capital often requires:

A Value Proposition. Those looking to secure investment capital must be able to present a coherent and appealing value proposition to potential investors.

A Unique Strategy. Not only must there be the presentation of a solid value proposition, but those seeking to raise capital must have a strong and detailed strategy for achieving the investment’s ultimate objective (profit).

Hunter Estess is well-versed in the challenges of raising capital, though he also understands what it takes to generate the capital needed to ensure an investment’s long-term success.