Hunter Estess : Investing in Multi-Family Real Estate

Hunter Estess is a Louisiana entrepreneur and the owner of Dash Development and Holdings. Hunter Estess focuses much of his real estate investments on multi-family units.

Investing in multi-family real estate draws professionals like Hunter Estess for several reasons, a couple of which are touched on below:

  • Dependable Cashflow :- Multi-family real estate investments are income-producing units that provide dependable cashflow. When executed correctly, they can produce investment yields higher than most stock dividends.
  • Low-Cost Debt:- With positive leverage correctly placed on an asset, you can increase positive cashflow by borrowing money at lower costs than property payouts. Investors can use this to leverage debt and thus multiply asset value.

Before putting your money into a multi-family real estate investment, contact a company like Hunter Estess’ Dash Development. Working with an expert by your side is among the most reliable ways to maximize your wealth and minimize your risk.