Hunter Estess: The Importance of Contract Negotiations

Hunter Estess, the owner of Dash Development, is a seasoned contractor, real estate investor, real estate developer, and entrepreneur. He has experience in contract negotiations. “Most recently as a lead deal sponsor, I contracted and closed the $3.7 million-dollar acquisition of a 56-unit apartment complex in New Orleans financed through a portfolio loan without coming out of pocket any capital,” says Mr. Estess.

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Contract negotiations can be a vital step in making a deal. Negotiations may be used in property transactions as well as business transactions. Real estate professionals as well as entrepreneurs should have experience in handling contracts and working with a second party. A good contract can give both parties what they want. Negotiating a contract involves setting terms, analyzing the outcome of a contract, and compromising with the second party.

Mr. Hunter Estess’ goal is to gain financial independence through passive investments. Throughout his career, he has been involved with developing and negotiating contracts. Hunter Estess has spent years building his career as his skills in the real estate industry.